PMYSL Game League Rules

The game rules for PMYSL League games of all ages can be viewed by clicking here.

PMYSL Sipp Ave Complex Rules

1.                 The speed limit in the Parking Lot is 5 miles per hour.

2.                 No parking except in designated parking spaces.

3.                 No animals are permitted in the soccer complex.

4.                 No smoking is permitted in the soccer complex.

5.                 No alcohol is permitted in the soccer complex.

6.                 Abusive language and behavior are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

7.                 Everyone who uses the soccer complex is expected to pick up after themselves and dispose of garbage in the proper receptacles.

These rules are for the health and safety of your children.  Anyone who violates them will be given a warning the first time and subject to a disciplinary action for any subsequent occurrences.  Disciplinary action will be decided by the Executive Board and can consist of suspension, fine, and/or expulsion from the League.