PMYSL Officers
President Jim Zappa 631-553-4262
1st Vice President Doug Parra 631-875-3570
2nd Vice President Tim Profeta [email protected]
Secretary Dianne Zimmerman 631-748-5448   [email protected]
Treasurer Bob Epsky B[email protected]
Match Secretary Steve Impellizzeri [email protected]
Registrar  Jim Zappa z[email protected]
Director of Training Paulo Couto [email protected]
Director of Coaches Steve Granata 241-8950,[email protected]
Director of Referees Danielle Genaway [email protected]
Travel Teams Coordinator Jim Zappa 631-553-4262


Sipp Ave Complex  
Equipment/Uniforms Bob Epsky B[email protected]
Pictures Diane Zimmerman 631-748-5448  [email protected]
Jackets & Sports Bags Diane Zimmerman 631-748-5448  [email protected]
Sponsorship Diane Zimmerman 631-748-5448  [email protected]
Summer Camps


Division 7 Boys
Division 6 Boys
Division 5 Boys
Division 3 Boys
Division 1 Boys
Division 7 Girls