Please contact Danielle Genaway at [email protected] to register for a session


Referee Courses are given periodically.
Please contact Danielle Genaway at 631-445-8752  for information.

The task is simple. Show up at a field with some little kids, get some exercise running around, blow a whistle once in awhile and most importantly – help them have fun.

  • Sounds a lot like Refereeing to Me?
  • Well that’s exactly it.
  • Why would I want to do this???
  • It’s an opportunity to help the youth of our community.
  • Our younger players need role models who know the game.
  • And….of course…THE MONEY!
  • How much money do you say???
  • $15 per game for division 1
  • $10 per game for division 2 and 3
  • How many games can I Referee?
  • New referees will be placed onto the “on call” list as there are less games than ever before with the decrease in interleague teams.  There are only 12-13 games per weekend and already ~35 referees to assign games to.  This means that new referees would not be placed on the permanent weekly schedule but would be called when a referee can not do a game (this may not sound like a lot but happens on average 3 games per weekend).

Always remember “to protect the player when playing this fun game”